January, 2012 - Second full-servo bag machine with stacker added.

July, 2011 - New full-servo bag machine with stacker installed.

June, 2011 - Bison Bag receives its sixth straight AIB Superior rating!

This is an example of our dedication and commitment to our customers and the safety of their products. We understand the importance of tracking final products all the way back to the original raw materials and have demonstrated our ability to do so. Please call us if you would like more information about our Superior rating and what it means to you.

November, 2010 - New solventless laminator installed.

May, 2010 - New gearless 8-color high-end press installed.

January, 2008 - Bison Bag is proud to announce the beginning of our 40th year in the flexible packaging industry.

Our success and longevity are a direct result of our ability to improve and adapt to the dynamic marketplace. The long term dedication of our workforce has allowed us to serve customer's changing demands over the last 4 decades. We look forward to serving the flexible packaging market for many more years to come.

December, 2007 - Bison Bag begins training and implementation of Lean and 6S manufacturing practices.

This is a company wide commitment to improved organization and efficiency in an effort to improve the quality and service of the products that we supply to our customers. Please feel free to ask your representative how this will enhance your service.

January, 2007 - Bison Bag awarded a patent for BB Seal Tear Technology.

This is an easy-open, non-evasive, tamper-evident feature that can be added to most monolayer LDPE packages. This feature is very cost effective compared to other scoring methods and provides a similar function to a serrated/perforated edge. The package remains in a sealed state, however, preventing leaks of any sort. Please call us to discuss your specific application.